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Podcasts for Productivity While Stuck at Home

Two weeks ago I graduated from college, and have since found myself with an unexpected and unprecedented amount of free time while back in my hometown in quarantine. With all of this newfound free time and lack of responsibility, I needed to find something to keep me productive. My solution? Bingeing just about every podcast on the planet that can (hopefully) teach me something new along the way. To help out all my fellow housebound friends, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite podcasts to help you learn something and stay productive at a time when productivity seems next to impossible.

Podcasts for productivity...

Starting off with a classic here...what can I say, this one’s just too good. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or not, the stories of how your favorite brands, like SoulCycle, Stacy’s Pita Chips, and FitBit, and their amazing founders, came to be will surely inspire you.

If you’re anything like me, having random knowledge on hand for your next trivia game is pretty high on your list of priorities, and Stuff You Should Know has got you covered. SYSK covers anything and everything you could ever wonder about lobotomies, coral reefs, champagne, and just about everything in between, all in under an hour. This podcast is seriously so entertaining that you’ll forget you’re even learning in the first place. Check out a few of my favorite episodes about ouija boards, MSG, and quicksand. And, yes, the topics truly are that random.

Calling all fellow public relations geeks-- this one is for you. PR Week’s weekly podcast is the perfect combination of industry news and updates and interviews with top communications professionals. This podcast is a must-listen for anyone in the PR industry, especially recent graduates looking to enter the field.

I’ve been listening to Note to Self for years, and it never fails to impress me. Note To Self covers the intersection between technology and daily life-- from metadata to whether or not it’s safe to post family photos online. This podcast will certainly help you become a smarter digital consumer and is super informative and downright interesting. Two of my favorite episodes are Look Into The Future with Black Mirror and Your Metadata is Showing.

This podcast is my go-to. At just under five minutes in length, News Now covers the most important national and world news stories of each hour on the hour. I like to start off my mornings with News Now to get myself caught up on the day’s news (and because it's the perfect length to listen to while making my bed each morning!).

Aside from News Now, NPR’s Up First has got to be my favorite news podcast. The show is basically an extended version of News Now, covering the three most important news stories of the day in less than ten minutes. Up First does a great job at detailing each story while keeping it short and sweet enough to digest with your morning coffee.

And a few podcasts for when productivity is out of the question...

I have been OBSESSED with this podcast for years. It’s gotten me through countless commutes to work and long road trips between Chicago and Syracuse. The podcast covers both a true crime story and a paranormal tale each week, and its hosts, Christine and Em, serve as the hilarious and lovable narrators. This is definitely a podcast worth starting from the very beginning and listening all the way through.

You don’t have to be a hopeless romantic to enjoy this one, just a human living through this crazy era of modern love and dating in the time of the Internet. By The New York Times and WBUR, Modern Love features weekly stories of modern love, romance, loss, and heartbreak performed by top actors like Daniel Radcliffe, Kate Winslet, and Jake Gyllenhall. I’ve particularly been loving the special “pandemic edition” episodes that have been coming out as of late.

Any true crime lover most likely already knows about this one, but I had to include it still because it’s one of my all-time favorites. You’ll never run out of thrilling true crime stories to binge on with Crime Junkie.

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